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About Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a hugely popular dice game that originates from Asia. Prior to the invention of playing cards, the Chinese enjoyed using dice made from painted stone to play games of chance. Sic Bo translates as ‘dice pair’ and involves a brightly decorated table.

Despite its huge popularity in the likes of Macau, it has yet to truly gain the same appeal in European and American casinos. This is most likely down to the fact that the game design can look intimidating, but once understood, the game is easy to follow.

But the popularity of online casinos is helping give Sic Bo the attention it deserves and it is has been receiving a popularity boost as an enjoyable alternative to roulette.

What types of Sic Bo I can play?

Sic Bo was once solely a Chinese game, as it finally spread across the world with immigration it became localised and different variations of the game developed. The result is there are now quite a few different versions of the game that are of English origin. However the basic premise of three dice and the ‘craps style’ betting area to wager on each spin remain throughout.

Below are the most common variations that Sic Bo online casinos offer:

Sic Bo – played with 3 dice, players must bet on the numbers that the randomly thrown dice land on. As a result of this there are many different bets available, similar to roulette players can bet on odd, even, big, small, doubles etc.

Grand Hazard – an English variation of Sic Bo. The three dice are rolled into a chute that rolls the dice as they descend onto the table. The aim is once again to predict where the dice will land once they stop rolling and place bets accordingly.

Chuck-a-luck – also known as ‘birdcage’, uses three dice that are held in a wire cage, the cage is spun by the dealer until the dice settle on the bottom of the cage. As with the other variations, players must bet on which numbers the dice come to rest on.

Live dealer Sic Bo

It is possible to play online Sic Bo with both software and a live dealer. There are many providers offering the best roulette software and versions for you to enjoy. Playing with a live dealer uses streaming to bring a live roulette game to the comfort of your home. Players are able to see the table and wheel, and are also able to watch the dealer as he coordinates the game.


Online Sic Bo is available to play on all device platforms provided you have an Internet connection and the particular game is configured to allow mobile play – which many are.

How to play Sic Bo

Sic Bo differentiates itself from other dice games by using three dice instead of two. The rules of the game are straightforward; players must simply try and predict where they think the three dice will rest on the board, the exact numbers that come up, the total amount of the three dice or the set of number that the dice rest on.

It is a very straightforward game that looks more intimidating than it is. Like roulette, to bet simply drop your chips on any element on the board and there are no limits on the number of bets you can place on the table. Once you’ve done this simply click the roll button to see where the dice land.

There are many Sic Bo bets to choose from and each comes with a different payout, here is a breakdown of the key bets you can place:

Total – the simplest Sic Bo bet. Players have the opportunity to bet on the total of the three dice, choosing any number between 4 and 16.

Big – betting on the big grid means the player thinks the dice will total between 11 and 17.

Small – if you bet on Small then you’re betting that the three dice will total between 4 and 10.

Single – by placing this bet you are betting on a number that will appear on one or more of the dice. If the dice lands with that number facing up then you win.

Double – a double bet is when you bet that when you roll two dice they will both be the same number (there is a triple bet for three dice).